Polymer Technology Apprenticeship

Polymer Apprenticeship: COVID-19 Update

Monday, 30 March 2020

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In light of recent developments regarding COVID-19, the AIT campus will remain closed to all students for all activities until April 19th following the government’s announcement . This conforms with national measures previously announced and the revised measures announced by the government and An Taoiseach.

The institute is instructing students to engage with our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) for access to course content to ensure academic continuity of delivery. Access to Moodle and email has been restored for students not in good standing with the institute to enable the continuity of service to reach all learners. Staff will be updating content and engaging with learners on the polymer apprenticeship program during the shutdown and the students will be required to continue to complete course work during this disruption, for these reason we are not encouraging employers to recall their apprentices as it would negatively affect the continuity of delivery we are endeavouring to ensure.

Apprentices currently on a phase where they are with their employer ‘on the job’ should follow all local instructions. Apprentices who do not complete the full duration of the phase or have their ‘on the job’ learning otherwise truncated as a direct result of the current period of disruption, (for example if their employer ceases operations temporarily or otherwise informs the students to withdraw), will not be academically disadvantaged.